Proof Positive That Print Drives Digital

We love our glossy paper but the new reality, the “ultimate destination,” should be digital. But with that said, very few industry pundits would argue with the title of this overview which is: Print Drives Digital.

A Print Pro

Sensory Experience- Studies show that we retain knowledge and experiences far better though physical interaction. Thumbing through pages, taking notes, and highlighting passages or information are all central features to partnering with the digital world. And print remains a more powerful vehicle in certain categories, like hobbies, home improvements, consumer health and the travel & tourism sector.

However, it must also be understood that once the interest has been generated from the “printed pages” most every consumer (millennials and baby boomers alike) will then visit the web to learn more about the specific subject matter at hand…. What your company can offer them.

Travel & Tourism

Travel Sector– The travel sector represents three primary categories: those visiting the region for business and leisure, and those who are actively considering a relocation to the region.  Leisure and business travelers, and those relocating all share a common thread—they all stay in hotels while doing so.

A huge attraction for each of these categories (when arriving at their hotel) is their ability to learn more about the region in which they are staying. Clearly, in-room publications that offer real-time information carry a huge value for local advertisers. The power of reaching travelers in the privacy of their hotel room is two-fold. Travelers are in-room and in the Valley before any local business even knows they are. And two; in-room is where 95 percent of all traveler purchase decisions are made. As such, delivering your corporate message, and capturing traveler mindshare (for your brand or service) is critical every local business seeking to increase their annual revenues.

Local Tourism: Most travelers (it’s why they visit these destinations) typically visit regions, cities and countries where they have not travelled before. In Arizona (2015 figures) 42.1 million travelers visited the state, of which 48.1 percent were visiting for the first time. That means that more than 20 million did not know the difference between Surprise, AZ or Sedona. For that matter this same 20 million didn’t even know what local businesses even existed. It was estimated that in 2015 that 135,000 would likely be relocating to the Valley.

A Print Con

Readers now expect the “full picture.” That is why print remains a solid teaser that tweaks the readers interest to learn more. That is why “Print drives Digital.” Intrigued by, and wanting to explore further– more features, more visuals, more specifications and generally more information, this is what drives readers to your WEB!

Reader Engagement

Give a person a magazine and they will use it to learn. Give that same person a smart phone or tablet (access to your website) and they will use it day after day after day.

Print Positive

Today, with the internet, social media and instant gratification (smart phones and tablets) — print remains a very powerful and effective marketing vehicle for driving new clients to your website. And depending on your actual business model, or the consumers you are seeking to reach, it can be an even stronger marketing tool for generating higher revenues.

Economies of Scale

Today, every company looks for new ways to capture consumers and to maximize their revenue/earnings potential. And with a second option (internet and social media) available to them, they can’t make the age-old mistake of abandoning (traditional) mediums that have worked well in the past, because they feel (versus what they believe) that the internet and social media has become the “holy grail’ of modern day marketing. Any responsible professional will state that: “Today, old mediums must be blended into the new mediums” to achieve the proper balance that all corporate marketing programs require.

When developing your print strategy it’s of paramount importance to understand where PRINT does drive DIGITAL in your overall marketing mix. So let’s revisit the travel sector. Travelers and those individuals and families relocating to the Valley are “primary targets” for all local businesses for an array of different reasons specific to your own form of business.

The Internets “Big” Negative

Knowing the downside, every company “understands” why consumers must go directly to their own website. Why you might ask? And the answer is all important for capturing new sales revenues!

Once a consumer googles you online, they have entered the global domain. When that “internet page” opens up, you better pray that your “corporate name” appears at the top or worse case at least on that opening page. If not, that becomes “your kiss of death.” It’s called SEO (search engine optimization) an activity that is designed to have your company name, product or service pop up at the top of the “opening page.” Today, if you’re not on the opening page, most consumers won’t search further, believing that most key companies will be listed on that page. And herein lies your bigger issue–

Once that target consumer arrives at the internet’s opening page (versus going directly to your own website) you have lost your “selling advantage, because now this consumer is face to face with all of your competitors.


Print is the teaser that captures WanderAZ’s readers, and then drives them to “your website.” And that should be the “primary objective” of every advertiser. But WanderAZ also offers advertisers a second chance– the dynamics of its own web portal, offers advertisers access to its own “web portal” that invites readers to learn more about your products or services. becomes your own “Search Engine” because from your company listing readers are invited to go “directly to your website” and NOT the internet.

Once is accessed by consumers it can be utilized 24/7 from anywhere in the world. No other print vehicle offers this marketing platform for its advertisers. This option is a huge marketing tool for attracting “potential new customers” to your website with the ultimate hope of having them call or walk-in to your showroom. That is what every “print ad” must be designed to do. 

Just as The Grand Canyon Railway, Downtown Scottsdale or Apache Gold Casino to name a few … each of these venues want “our readers” to access their websites for answers. Today, if it can be avoided, NO company wants the added cost of 1-800 phone operators, when 95% of all relevant questions can be easily handled online.

The All-Important Phoenix and Northern Arizona Regions

When one understands how important Greater Phoenix and Northern Arizona is to your business or region, then you will see why advertising in these markets is so “all-important” for capturing this highly sought-after demographic group.

The Valley remains the “major staging area” for millions of annual travelers/visitors who head into Northern Arizona to visit areas like The Grand Canyon, Verde Valley, Prescott, Payson, Sedona, Flagstaff and Williams. Therefore, capturing traveler mindshare and delivering your message to this more affluent demographic group should be of “paramount importance” for driving more foot traffic to your place of business. And more foot traffic means—“Higher Revenues” for your business.

*(Information supplied by Daniel de la Cruz, Leslie James, Arizona Office of Tourism and The Wander Media Group, LLC.)