The Wander Media Group, LLC

Proud Publishers of
Wander AZ™ Magazine and the Dynamic Website WanderAZ.com™

Our Mission is Two-Fold

We strive to enhance the traveler experience for all those who visit with us, we work harder than anyone else to drive as many of our 6 million plus readers to your place of business to spend their money.” We accomplish this by producing a world-class travel and lifestyle magazine that caters to the needs of today’s more affluent and sophisticated traveler.

What Makes Us #1 For You – The Advertiser

The answer is simple– Placement and Readership!

Our playground is in-room which is the only real-estate that’s guaranteed to capture traveler mindshare. In-room is where 95% of all traveler decisions are made (Eat, Shop, Play, Visit) before travelers ever leave their hotel. And it’s here in the privacy of the traveler’s hotel room that we deliver your advertising message that is critical for driving more travelers to your front doors. This applies to travelers visiting greater Phoenix, just as it is does for those heading into Northern Arizona, and in 2015, 4. 4 million did exactly that … headed north out of the greater Phoenix area. But what really makes us # 1 is that we are read by more than 1.5 million per issue and that’s over 6 million annually.

What Makes Us #1 With Travelers

Another simple answer– We focus on Content, not Wall-to Wall Advertising!

WanderAZ is an upscale travel magazine that is designed for travelers. From our customized maps, event calendars, fun things to do, local attractions, fresh stories, iconic editorials to our great photography, WanderAZ magazines are a great read that enhances every traveler’s experience.

WanderAZ commits 65% of every issue to content with just 35% to advertising. We are not a travel pub that is filled with page after page of advertising– an old format that confuses travelers and does little if anything for advertisers. When one understands that 48% of all annual travelers to Arizona (42.1 million in 2015) are visiting for the first time, it means that over 20 million don’t even know your business exists, or the difference is between Florence and Flagstaff. That is why our unique regional format, maps and traveler information helps travelers to better understand our local landscape, and assists them as they navigate the regions.